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So four guys and a chick walk into a room, write some songs and thus, Spirit Level is born. Spirit Level is a female fronted, melodic hard rock band formed in early 2012 out of Phoenix, AZ. The band is comprised of Shar Hayze (Lead vocals), Mikey Lee (Drums), Sam Murphy (Guitar), Jason Glover (Guitar) and Stephen Santana (Bass guitar).
With years of classical training & musical versatility in addition to an energetic stage presence, frontwoman, Shar, brings a dynamic to this band that is sure to make them stand out in the Phoenix original music scene. This, brought together with Mikey’s commanding execution on the drums, Sam's crisp guitar solos, Jason and Sam's distinguishable catchy guitar riffs and Stephen's excellent musicianship and fun stage presence makes this band one to watch for in the coming months!

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