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Rush drummer Neil Peart dead at 67: 'Rest in peace brother'

January 11, 2020

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Lords of Acid at Club Red (unfortunately) Mesa, Arizona

October 16, 2017

As we made another venture to Club Red we wondered if we would be treated to a killer light show as Combichrist typically tours with, or would it be the same typical dark, gloomy non front lighted show as is typical at this venue. We weren't at all surprised as to what we saw when we arrived. The photos will speak for themselves. 


As we arrived we were greeted by Lords of Acid Tour Manager, who was the most hospitable TM I think we have ever had the pleasure of working with. He handed us VIP lanyards, took us to the merch booth, explained that we had free reign to shoot the entire show instead of the typical "first three songs" and was just an all around great guy.





The show was (minus lights) was absolutely killer!  Industrial, techno and goth with supporting acts that included ex-KMFDM member En Esch, Christian Death & Wiccid. We unfortunately did not get to catch En Esch and Wiccid but we hope to get them back to town soon.

Christian Death’s husband/wife duo Valor Kand and Maitri rocked as only they can. I don't think I have seen them since sometime in the 80's so it was a great blast from the past. Their pioneering death rock remains potent, rising above the muddy sound mix.


Combichrist! God Damn I love this band. I don't know if a band that's touring today that has the energy that these guys do. Non stop, beginning to end. Watching Joe Letz throw his sticks and floor toms off his riser is always a show in itself. Can't wait to catch them again! 


Lords of Acid played played a huge set including the techno-industrial classic Voodoo-U in its entirety. Que DJ Mea. A lady I haven't seen in several years. In fact, not since we co-headlined a Rave (Melophobia) at The Nile Theater in Mesa AZ way way back. (2001 I think) 


Mea, a perfect fit for this band took control of the crowd, and has not lost her step or her abililty to belt out some amazing vocals while keeping the energy going throughout the entire set. It was a double blast from the past for me getting to see one of my favorite techno bands and favorite DJ's from back in the day. 


Band mastermindbehind Lord's Praga Khan, was having a blast, while bassist DieTrich Thrall played to the crowd while making use of the entire stage. Erica Dilanjian (En Esch) turned it up and kept pace with Mea while the inflatable sex doll sent into the crowd to laughs and cheers, lasted literally 10 seconds before some numb nuts popped her. Keyboardist Roland Turner invited the ladies to take the stage while they jumped into Pussy, their raunchy 1997 anthem that never gets old.


They closed the night with The Most Wonderful Girl, followed by their 1991 hit I Sit on Acid, which the crowd called for the first three times the band said "we have one more song for you". It was almost like a triple encore. 


I don't know what I would change about this show other than sending them on tour with a light show as some of these venues honestly don't know dick about lights. For any tour people out there, how about a 2018 tour with Lords Of Acid, Combichrist, KMFDM and Element a440???? (hint) 


Lords of Acid Club Red Setlist:

Do What You Wanna Do
Young Boys
Dirty Willy
Drink My Honey
Mr. Machoman
She and Mrs. Jones
Blowing Up Your Mind
Out Comes the Evil
Marijuana in Your Brain
The Crablouse
Rough Sex/Take Control
Rubber Doll
Scrood Bi U
Let’s Get High



The Most Wonderful Girl
I Sit On Acid