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Shinedown brings the house down in Phoenix AZ

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Our first show of 2022 (yes we've missed a few) was the one and only Shinedown! Jan 30th 2022 was a night to remember. With lots of pyrotechnics, Shinedown brought the house down, opening with Cut The Cord. I’ve only seen them live only once before, an outdoor show in Tucson but Brent Smith gave one of the best vocal performances I have ever witness, including when he paused during "Get Up" to break up a fight between some unruly idiot and a fan. He called out the "bad guy", made sure security didn't remove anyone who did not deserve to be and made sure everyone else was cool and they continued the show ironically with "Bully"

The night was filled with energy, a spot on performance and it was great to see so many old friends, maskless and enjoying themselves after the past 2 years of nonsense the world has been through. Check out the gallery and a few goodies below.

The show's setlist

Cut The Cord


Fly From The Inside

If You Only Knew


Planet Zero

Diamond Eyes

I'll Follow You



How Did You Love

Get Up



Second Chance

Simple Man

Sound Of Madness

Album Pre-Order -

“Planet Zero” Single Link -

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