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Clutch at The Marquee Theater Tempe, Arizona 10/15/18

What can we say about Clutch and Clutch fans? By far Clutch is one of the best American Rock Bands around and their fans are as die hard as they come.

I wasn't sure how the crowd was going to be with a lineup like Clutch, Sevendust and Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown being 3 completely different rock genres. but it worked and the fans loved all of it.

Clutch immediately reels the crowd in with Tim‘s heavy and rugged guitar parts, the clean and tight drumming of Jean-Paul muddy distortion of lows of DAN‘s bass, a foundation is laid out for the journey you're about to embark on. Rock used to be great at telling stories but has become more about bitching and moaning about someone who doesn't like you or doesn't share your views or crying about a woman over a break up over the past several years. We get it but it does tend to get a bit boring. But Clutch are amazing at creating actual stories or tales within their music and they have one of the best in the business in control, Neil Fallon.

“Book of Bad Decisions” redefines the American Rock album not only with the music but with stories told within the songs. Neil is a master with persona in songs like Gimme The Keys and In Walks Barbarella, both of which were played tonight, and both are great songs and the band performed them even better live!

Clutch brings it when they hit the stage. The energy doesn't stop from start to finish including 15 plus minutes of encores. They definitely keep their crowd into the show the entire set. They played several songs from "Book of Bad Decisions" with some of their most popular hits mixed in for good measure. Unlike a lot of other bands who spend 10 to 15 minutes of a set talking, Clutch does not. They just from beginning to end. Thank you to Clutch for being who you are and staying true to your music, your fans and yourselves. For not subjecting fans unwarranted political opinions and all that other crap that a lot of other bands do these days. If you like good rock and roll and if you get a chance to see Clutch or if you are not familiar with the band, we highly suggest you familiarize yourself. There's no way you'll be disappointed.

Setlist: 1. We Need Some Mone (Chuck Brown song) 2. Sonic Counselor 3. The Elephant Riders 4. X-Ray Visions 5. Firebirds! 6. Gimme the Keys 7. Vision Quest 8. Sucker for the Witch 9. Escape From the Prison Planet 10. The Mob Goes Wild 11. H.B. Is in Control 12. In Walks Barbarella 13. El Jefe Speaks 14. A Shogun Named Marcus 15. Ghoul Wrangler 16. Electric Worry / One Eye Dollar

Encore: 17. Lorelei 18. How to Shake Hands 19. Ace of Spades

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