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Clutch - Book Of Bad Decisions (Album Review)

28 years and still kicking ass. Clutch is by far still one of the best rock bands around. Their latest album Book Of Bad Decisions may just be their finest album yet.

Done like on ly Clutch can. A classic mix of hard rock, blues, dirty southern stoner rock produced by Vance Powell (Arctic Monkeys, Red Fang, Jack White etc.) and recorded at Sputnik Sound Studios in Nashville, the album is hard, raw and just plain CLUTCH. Vance Powel has a definite thing for vintage equipment and being that the majority of these songs were performed live before they were recorded, really gives this album a live feel.

The album starts off on a personal note, as singer Neil Fallon tells the story of a dispute over a stolen microphone in a show in Texas, where they played to an attendance of one on their very first tour.

“Gimme the Keys” is followed by “Spirit of ’76” and the title track, which are all classic Clutch. "Spirit of '76" is definitely one to listen to as it's a take of the year 1976 and the '90's rock scene as it was. “How to Shake Hands” is a song that goes back to Ry Cooder and John Lee Hooker via the song “John Lee Hooker for President”. In that song Ry Cooder impersonates John Lee Hooker giving a speech on what will happen when he becomes President. Clutch’s original idea of covering the Ry Cooder song was scraped when Neil thought he couldn’t do the song justice. Instead, he wrote his own lyrics to song written with similar path: “first thing I’m gonna do is disclose all those UFOs/put Jimmy Hendrix on a 20 dollar bill/and Bill Hicks on a five note”. “I don’t need the secret service, I know how to walk the room……” On "In Walks Barbarella" they even brought in a horn section to complete the track and it's perfect.

With fifteen brand new tracks, Book of Bad Decisions showcases Clutch as a band consistently performing at their best and doing nothing less than rockin' hard and solid.

There's definitely a reason when I hear newer rock bands with a "similar" sound I always think to myself: "They're good, but they aren't Cluth" This album is exactly that reason. Cluth has never released a bad album. And by far this is my personal favorite. I look forward to catching them on tour and you should too!

Track List:

1. Gimme the Keys

2. Spirit of ’76

3. Book of Bad Decisions

4. In Walks Barbarella

5. How to Shake Hands

6. Vision Quest

7. Weird Times

8. Emily Dickinson

9. A Good Fire

10. Ghoul Wrangler

11. Sonic Counselor

12. H.B. Is in Control

13. Hot Bottom Feeder

14. Paper & Strife

15. Lorelei

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