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NINE INCH NAILS Cold and Black and Infinite Tour Opening Night. Phoenix AZ.

They say some things get better with age. Nine Inch Nails is no exception. Opening night of the Cold and Black and Infinite Tour was my 5th time seeing then since they got their start and this performance has far outdone any other to date. The energy inside Comerica Theater never let up. Beginning to end, not an ass in a seat and not a person standing still.

After Pinion as more of an intro, the band came out fast and furious, with best performance of Wish I think I have ever heard. The sound incredible, lights absolutely insane the band kept going one song after another. Last, Help Me I'm In Hell, Happiness In Slavery and the list went on.

Trent Reznor doesn't stop and talk much during a show, but he did give a quick little speech noting “This is one of those speeches that doesn’t necessarily go anywhere and have a tidy resolution". After the band played a beautiful tribute to David Bowie, Trent touched on his friend and mentors passing and during the speech you could hear genuine sadness in his heart and his voice.

The night continued with the band playing a killer rendition of “I’m Afraid Of Americans” and a hots of other favorites. The only downside of the night and I heard it a lot from fans after the show ended was that there was no "Closer" and for me personally, I wanted to hear Copy Of A Copy. Maybe next time....

If you haven't purchased tickets for a NIN stop in your city, do it!

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