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Swiss Dark Metal Band XAON Release Official Music Video for "Zarathustra"!

Sion, Switzerland based Dark Metal Band XAON has released the official music video for their single, "Zarathustra," off of their 2017 released The Drift LP. The studio duo (Vincent Zermatten on Guitars and Rob Carson on Vocals) will be joined by their live crew (John Six on Bass, Jordan Kiefer on Drums, and Onbra Oscouŗa and Klin HC on Guitars) performing around Europe and the UK throughout the rest of 2018 before hitting the studio again for their next album. Head over to the Facebook page for tour dates and more info.

“We’re extremely proud to finally release the music video for Zarathustra! When we finished writing the album it was always obvious to us that this was the song that needed to be put into picture and after going through a ton of technical issues and scheduling conflicts, we are thrilled to finally unveil it to the world..” - XAON

Track List: 1. Terra Incognita 2. On The Nature Of Flights 3. Khadath Al Kold 4. Frozen Shroud 5. Zarathustra 6. Broken Anchor 7. I Write My Hopes 8. The Wounded Gods

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