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Moonfall's Empty Cage EP hits No. 32 on Billboard’s Top New Artists chart

Photo credit: Alex Kouvatsos

MOONFALL Premieres New Music Video For “Empty Cage” via Substream Magazine Click Here To Listen Empty Cage EP Out Now via Outerloop Records/Cooking Vinyl No. 32 on Billboard’s Top New Artists Chart Click Here To Purchase

"Moonfall is known for their musical diversity and perchance to experiment with different styles." –EARMILK "Time is no indication of talent, a theory that Moonfall proves well. The band may be young, but they have potential as far as the eye can see, and they’re bringing it to an edgy pop rock sound." – IDOBI “Bursting with incredible vocal melodies and infectious rhythmic structures…” – NEW NOISE MAGAZINE “…full of beautiful and precise, technically splendid and undeniably moving pop-rock in the vein of Coldplay meets Imagine Dragons.” – SUBSTREAM MAGAZINE

(New York, NY) Pop/rock trio Moonfall has teamed up with Substream Magazine to unleash their music video for “Empty Cage” today. ​The video was filmed inside Philadelphia's Magic Garden, a non-profit organization/space showcasing a plethora of mosaic tiles. "Isaiah Zagar, a local artist who began tiling South Street in the 1960s, constructed the space out of cement, bicycle spokes, bottles, ceramic shards and other artistic knick-knacks." “Empty Cage” is off their latest EP of the same title which was released last week (11/3/2017) via Outerloop Records/Cooking Vinyl. The EP has already hit No. 32 on Billboard’s Top New Artists chart and is currently streaming via New Noise Magazine with a track by track commentary. Fans can check out the new video now, here: and purchase a copy of the Empty Cage EP, here: When asked about the “Empty Cage” video, Moonfall said: “‘Empty Cage’ was the first song we wrote for the EP. The story told in this song revolves around the difficulty people have understanding each other, and slowly collecting scars and regrets when you realize you would've done things differently after it's too late. We worked with our very talented friend Alex from Blackwolf Imaging. Most of the video is shot at an amazing place called the Magic Gardens in Philadelphia. The video transitions between the colorful artistic chaos of the Magic Gardens into a clear white. That contrast makes this one really special in our eyes, and we're really excited for it!”

Empty Cage Tracklisting:

  1. Awake

  2. Fade Away

  3. Lost

  4. Colorless

  5. Empty Cage

  6. Echobreak

A month ago, Moonfall dropped their second single "Colorless" exclusively via Earmilk. The EDM-leaning track, which strays from the band's alt/rock roots, is now streaming here: Prior to “Colorless,” the band debuted their music video for “Lost” on idobi. The gang headed out to Philadelphia, PA to film with director Chris Newhard (Sia, Jessie J, Train) at Baleroy Mansion. Notorious as one of the most haunted houses in town, the original family/owners of the property experienced paranormal activity, hallucinations, and inexplicable deaths. Moonfall channeled this concept into the video by depicting all three members circling throughout the premises while battling the unknown. Music is “the universal language of mankind,” as told by American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. If that is so, you can add it to the list of languages the members of New York-based Moonfall speak fluently. Matthew Howl (vocals/guitar) aligned with Mei Moor (bass), shortly before coming together with Andrew Chow (drums). This trio of best friends quickly set out to spread their message. Dynamic and texturally creative, they aspire to turn stages everywhere into their proving grounds. Bringing people together is a mission for Moonfall. People of all cultures, all orientations and all ages respond to music. “Music has inspired and helped us throughout our lives. It reaches down so deep, so fast,” notes Matthew “so it is one of the most immediate ways to reach someone.” What reached Matthew, growing up, were artists ranging from Coldplay to Muse to Linkin Park. Mei found her musical inspiration in anime, and bands like the GazettE and One OK Rock. Andrew cites hip-hop as an early influence, discovering music through the video games he played as a kid, before delving into the heavier sides of rock and metal. Known for their versatile musicianship and their experimentation with genres since their inception, they quickly honed in on what would become their unique approach to composing. Their songs come together quickly since they all moved in together. The construction of a Moonfall song starts with Matthew, who builds the melody and progression. When the skeleton is done, Mei and Andrew work on their instruments while adding their personal touches to the song, molding and shaping it. Ultimately, they bring it all together, it is not done until they all ‘feel it’ and know their fans will too. Perspective is the through-line for Moonfall’s work. Lyrically, the Empty Cage EP tells an interesting story. Matthew explains “We take a lot of inspiration from nature and places we’ve been, trying to capture those atmospheres into the stories we write about. It often happens that when you insert yourself into someone else’s story you find out a lot about yourself." The EP talks about human frailty and journeys of perseverance. The songs focus on people's reactions to losing what they care about… and learning to draw on their strength. The last song shows the perspective from the opposite side, of what was lost. As the OffBeat Music Blog enthused “Moonfall have a passion, sincerity, and talent that renders their music absolutely captivating.” The future will see a legion of captivated young people all over the world following Moonfall’s rise, because –of course – they’re speaking their language. Formed in 2015, Moonfall released their debut EP Refraction independently, but truly begun their breakthrough with their single “Devon,” which generated a frenzy of rave reviews from dedicated fans, press outlets, and new listeners alike, all ready to embrace what Moonfall has to offer next. The band's sophomore EP Empty Cage is out now via Outerloop Records/Cooking Vinyl.

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