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WEAPÖNIZER: Lawless Age LP From Denver Blackened Thrash Marauders Now Streaming; Album Out Friday Vi

[photo by Zeela Aeschliman]

The damaging Lawless Age album by Denver black/thrash metal mercenaries WEAPÖNIZER is now streaming in its entirety, with 20 Buck Spin's sights set on this Friday for the album's official unleashing upon the public.

The nine-track assault that is Lawless Age is taking its toll on the public, with reports of its rampant violence infiltrating respected media outlets across the lands, including the No Clean Singing squad who issued, "It does indeed eat up the pavement like a V8 Interceptor in the wasteland with the turbocharger wide open. You might also imagine a cocktail made of booze, gasoline, gunpowder, and busted teeth... Damned catchy stuff, too, and a blaringly obvious indication that WEAPÖNIZER know how to write a song that gets its hooks in as well as whipping your ass into mosh mode." Meat Mead Metal concurs, offering, "...I think back to my own formative years with metal and what made me like it in the first place. It was heavy, raucous, sounded dangerous, and filled me with energy... These songs will make you think of depravity, violence, and post-Apocalyptic wastelands, and the way things are going in the real world, we might not be far off from that hellscape."

Dead Rhetoric warns that Lawless Age is, "an album that is all about vicious riffing. No one is going to rave about the uber-tech stylings, but plenty should find a riff or two within each track to get the blood pumping. In fact, there's really no let-up from the riff machine. That's far from a negative though, as there's plenty of character to back everything up as well as the blackened atmosphere at times, which keeps things interesting." The Metal Observer declares, "Ripping thrash riffs and stomping double kicks surge forward in a blistering fashion only to ram headfirst into walls of blasting drums and fiery trem riffs, only to regroup and return with an acerbic ferocity. The vocals are fierce and corrosive growls, bordering on a vitriolic bark. Rangy speed metal licks and charging death metal riffing round of the band's sound, offering something that touches upon many niches of metal without sounding like haphazard slop. The way WEAPÖNIZER deftly moves back in forth from thrash to black to speed metal to death and back to death is impressive: it's a testament to their songwriting ability and to their instrumentation skills."

Finalized with cover art by Perturbator artist Ariel ZB and additional art by Karl Dahmer and Sean McGrath, Lawless Age shreds with eight original anthems as well as a cover of the English Dogs classic "World War 2."

20 Buck Spin will unload WEAPÖNIZER's Lawless Age on LP, CD, and digital formats this Friday, June 30th. Find physical preorders HERE, and digital/physical preorders at BandcampHERE.

WEAPÖNIZER has existed in the extremely fertile Denver metal scene alongside the likes of Khemmis, Blood Incantation, Spectral Voice, Nekrofilth, Primitive Man, and many others since their 2009 formation, in that time unleashing several releases including a self-titled debut full-length in 2012. In 2017, everything comes together for the band on their wild and unbound second album Lawless Age, their first in collaboration with 20 Buck Spin. While one can recognize a variety of metallic subgenre tags in the WEAPÖNIZER sound, from raw black metal to post-apocalyptic thrash to Aussie war metal to anarchic crossover - it's all welded menacingly into an indestructible shining alloy of slashing American steel. A faster disaster with an often-unrelenting pace, the tasteful yet crazed guitar solos and commitment to songcraft throughout make Lawless Age a celebratory and definitive vindication of underground metal's continued relevance more than thirty years on.

Stand by for new WEAPÖNIZER tour dates and additional updates in the weeks ahead.

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